Chocksett Cemetery

Cemetery located in Sterling, Massachusetts which was founded in the 1700s. It contains many 18th century graves and graves of both Revolutionary War and Civil War Veterans.

d. 1758

d. 1776
Aged 23
d. 1762, aged 26
“Thou Shortned hast, His youthful days; But Him Immortal, Thou shalt raise.”
late 1700's
In memory of two children
d. 1778
…fled the destruction of Charlestown…”
all died 1756
In 1756 Chocksett was ravaged by an endemic dysentery, singularly fatal in its attacks. Within two months more than one-twentieth of the population died.
Skull Angel
Aged 21
Interesting design
died at age 17, 1751
d. 1774,
Deacon Oliver Moor “Death is a debt to Nature due, which I have paid and so must you.”



Old Burial Ground

South Hadley, MA

Officially established in early 1700s, contains graves from as early as the 1600s, no longer active

d. 1798
“In memory of three sons who expired in the flames of their house…”
Interesting Letter Carving
d. 1741

Old grave with Face Design








Hourglass, d. 1775
‘”A law eternal does decree, That all things born, Should mortal be.”
Face, d. 1801
“Farewell my friends, dry up your tears, for I must lie here, until Christ appears.”
Portrait faces
Rev. John Woodbridge, Minister of the Gospel








Eastern Cemetery

Portland, Maine

Est. 1668

Native of Plymouth, England
Died on passage from Portland to Jamaica
Closeup of epitaph
Another strange face
Born in North Britain
Skull w/wings
Capt. John Wait
Side portrait
Wife of Capt. John Cocks
Portrait w/anchor
Closeup, Anchor symbolizing hope
Lost at sea
“Mouldering in the dust”






Pine Grove Cemetery

Salem, NH


Finger pointing up – hand pointing toward heaven

Rose – Symbolizes beauty

Anchor – Hope and eternal life

Corn – Rebirth and fertility

Lily of the Valley – Purity and innocence





Goose Hill Cemetery

Established in 1746 – Burial place of Oliver Chickering, American Revolutionary War Veteran called on by Paul Revere

Rutland , MA



Loved and Early Called
Oliver Chickering, American Revolutionary War Veteran














Goose Hill Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery

Holyoke, MA


“Killed by the Savages”
“Shot by…”
Died of smallpox

“Gave her husband and sons to the American Revolution”